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    shower curtain related news

    Creating A Bathtub To Relax In The Small World

    The bathtub is designed at the corner, and it is a piece of heaven and earth. The two curtains are elegant and beautiful, such as two doors, making the bathroom like a separate room.

    The shape of the big flower is painted with blue lines on the white shower curtain. It is very cute. The color of the blue and the towel contrasts with each other, so that the bathtub and the rest of the bathroom (the bathroom decoration effect map) are connected.

    The shower curtain is separated from the wall by a distance, so that the bathtub does not appear to be closed and dull. The white shower curtain is surrounded by a circle, which surrounds the bathtub and makes people feel safe when bathing.

    Creating A Bathtub To Relax In The Small World

    The plain floral shower curtain gives the white bathtub a fresh expression. The bathtub corner is designed with two small partitions, which can be used to place shower gel and other things.

    Black and white matching has always been the unconventional choice of the fashion industry. The black pattern on this shower curtain makes the bathroom a bit more elegant.

    The sea-blue walls are more refreshing and unique because of the white lines, soaking in this bathtub, as if swimming in the sea is as free.

    The design of the window allows the bathtub to be light and enjoys the view from the window for relaxation. The shower curtain is designed to increase the privacy of the bathroom.


    This European-style (European-style decoration effect) garden shower curtain, the bathroom is full of romantic retro atmosphere, and two decorative paintings are hung on one side of the wall, which instantly has an artistic temperament.

    Creating A Bathtub To Relax In The Small World

    The white decoration will make the space clean and tidy and extend the vision. The design of the light yellow shower curtain gives the pure white space a hint of color and vitality.


    The black and white sash shower curtain is full of fashion, bathing in such a bathtub, not only can relax the body, but also feel the charm of fashion.

    The tiles in the bathtub and walls are light creamy white, and the design of the white shower curtain is more prominent. In order to increase the sense of fashion, the walls are made of black and white mosaic tiles.


    The cylinder of the bathtub is stylish light gray, the upper part of the shower curtain is milky white, the lower part of the cylinder surface is khaki, and the color is simple but full and warm.

    Improve the details of the bathroom?

    Must hold the basic point of anti-slip tightly and don't let go! ! ! I once fell a dog in the bathroom to eat, the pain is unforgettable for life, so what is the bathroom, I think slip is the most important, but the anti-skid bathroom is also a skill~


    1. Choose a floor tile with a rough feel as much as possible to increase the friction as appropriate. Choosing a smaller floor tile can also be dripped, and the friction between the brick and the brick is increased to prevent the friction. Right, let me say more, the floor tiles can't be flattened, because the water in the bathroom needs to flow down the drain, and the floor tiles need a little inclination so that the water can flow smoothly down the drain.


    2. The floor drain must be chosen well, and then not regret it for a lifetime. If the drainage is not done well, just after the shower is the easiest to slip, the good floor drain will not accumulate water on the ground after the shower, effectively avoiding the risk of slipping due to water.


    3. Take a bath mat, where is the fear of slipping! The style of anti-slip mats is still quite a lot, of course, it is a rough anti-slip mat that chooses both beauty and function. However, it should be noted that the common anti-slip mats on the market are prone to aging, but they have to be replaced at a certain frequency and cannot be lazy.


    4. Want high value, non-slip material to make up. Wood preservatives and pebbles are good choices, but they are slightly more expensive. Small partners with limited budget can jump directly to the next tip, thank you.


    5. Water-absorbing floor mats. Don't think that putting anti-slip mats or non-slip materials in the bathroom is a good thing. Be sure to remember to put a water-absorbing floor mat outside the bathroom door. Although the general bathroom floor tiles will have a little slip resistance, the tiles are polished very smoothly for aesthetic reasons. Therefore, the bathroom must be dried on the absorbent floor mat, so as not to be careful for a long time, and finally the bathroom is still slipping.

    Modern home decoration development trend

    From the perspective of the development of world furniture, the design of modern furniture is tending to be technologically advanced, practically feasible, economically reasonable, aesthetically pleasing, and safe to use.

    This is an age of beings. The style of furniture is constantly changing, the function is constantly updated, and the continuous improvement of technology is the development trend of furniture design in China. Antique and nostalgia are the eternal topics in the furniture market. There is no absolute authority on the fashionable stage. Any trend that has been surging has gradually subsided after several years of leadership. blue shower curtain


    From the perspective of the development of world furniture, the design of modern furniture is tending to be technologically advanced, practically feasible, economically reasonable, aesthetically pleasing, and safe to use. Today's furniture design community increasingly recognizes and accepts a new design concept: designing new furniture is to design a new way of life, work, leisure, entertainment... more and more designers There is more and deeper understanding of the idea that “the function of furniture is not only material but also spiritual”. Modern furniture is developing in the direction of practicality, versatility, comfort, health care and decoration.


    The term functionalism emerged as early as the 18th century and sprouted with the tremendous changes in the history of design brought about by the industrial revolution. As the core and characteristic of modernist design, functionalism established its historical status in the 1840s. Its most influential slogan is the "form follow-up function." This principle derives from its own set of aesthetic systems—minarism, minimalism...and produces a number of functional designs that are perfectly unified.


    Modern style home design highlights individuality and has a strong modern sense. The characteristics of modern style home design are that its design elements and materials are all single. This design style has become the first choice for more and more fashionable people, modern style home. The design is shaped from the whole to the part, from the space to the interior furnishings, and it is meticulously crafted and gives a meticulous impression.

    Type of shower curtain rod memory installation

    1. Types of shower curtain rods

    Bathroom shower curtain rods are made of a variety of materials, including stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and plastic. It can be divided into tool-free and screw-on depending on the mounting method. The tool-free feature is that it does not require punching, does not damage the wall surface, and can be freely adjusted in length, which is very convenient. The tool-free type is generally a straight shower curtain rod, and the wall surfaces at both ends are used as support points. Screw-on shower curtain rods require drilling to break the wall, but this type of bathroom shower curtain rod is highly secure after installation, especially for bathrooms that require a curved shower curtain rod.


    2, shower curtain rod installation precautions

    No matter what material or type of bathroom shower curtain rod is selected, the correct installation can ensure safety and firmness. At present, the tool-type combination rod and the curved rod are fixed by screws, and although punching is relatively troublesome, it does not require much installation skill. The key to the installation of the tool-free bathroom shower curtain telescopic rod is the ferrules at both ends and the trimming buttons and other components, which require certain installation skills. Generally speaking, the ferrule is mostly made of ABS engineering rubber and plastic material, which is relatively strong. At the same time, in order to better increase the fit with the wall surface, the design of the elastic plastic plus the three-dimensional pattern will be used in the part where the ferrule is in contact with the wall surface. The basic principle of installation is to first rotate the shower curtain rod to a length longer than the actual installation width, generally 5 cm more. Then, the bathroom shower curtain rod is tightened in the place where it was originally designed to be installed. If the control is not good, you can use the fine adjustment button, but after installation, it is best not to adjust the tube, otherwise it will become loose.

    Five methods for removing formaldehyde

    Formaldehyde is a toxic substance, but it is also an important organic raw material, so in our lives, formaldehyde cannot be avoided. In particular, the newly renovated furniture and the newly purchased furniture all contain a large amount of formaldehyde, which is harmful to the health of us and our families. Therefore, today Xiaobian will introduce you to the 10 most effective ways to remove formaldehyde, to help you remove formaldehyde.

    No1、Formaldehyde removal method: ventilation method

    For newly renovated houses, the formaldehyde concentration must be high, so be sure to ventilate the room. Open all the doors and windows in the room, let the outdoor air and the indoor air circulate, and let harmful gases such as formaldehyde be discharged outside. The ventilation time is preferably around 3-6, and it is safer to stay in a new house.

    No2、Formaldehyde removal method: plant adsorption method

    Many green plants have a good role in adsorbing formaldehyde and purifying the air. We can choose some spider orchids, tigertail orchids, cacti, ivy, etc., not only to absorb formaldehyde, but also to beautify our room.(christmas shower curtain

    No3、In addition to formaldehyde method: fruit deodorization method

    Formaldehyde often gives off a very pungent smell that we can't stand. So we can use some orange peel or pineapple skin to cut into small pieces and put them in every corner of the room or in the tasteful furniture, so that the smell of the fruit will cover the pungent smell, so that we will no longer suffer from odor. Troubled.

    No4、Formaldehyde removal method: activated carbon adsorption method

    Activated carbon is a small drug helper recognized by many people. Because activated carbon has the advantage of many pores, it can adsorb and decompose formaldehyde very well. And activated carbon does not cause secondary pollution to the indoor environment when adsorbing formaldehyde, but the activated carbon will be saturated for a certain period of time, so it should be replaced in time.(snowman shower curtain)
    No5、Formaldehyde removal method: Formaldehyde scavenger

    Formaldehyde scavengers use chemical reactions to remove formaldehyde. Spray formaldehyde scavengers on the surface of furniture with excessive formaldehyde, which can reduce the toxicity of formaldehyde and oxidize formaldehyde to formic acid. However, formaldehyde scavengers are prone to secondary pollution to the environment, so careful choice is still required.

    5 Decoration Tips That Interior Designers Must Know

    1. Do not make the headboard of the shoe cabinet, leave a little space for the ash of the shoes to leak to the bottom, and install the lamp above the sink and gas stove. When you want to locate the floor drain of the bathroom, you must first think about it and measure the size. The floor drain is preferably located on one side of the brick. If it is in the middle of the brick, the floor drain will not be the lowest point no matter how the brick is tilted.(Blue Shower Curtain


    2, the bathroom, air conditioning outlets are not designed switches. Especially for the bathroom electric water heater, it is advisable to use a two-stage switch with a plug. If you want to turn off the electric heat, it is dangerous to pull the plug.(snowman shower curtain)


    3, on the treatment of the face of the corner of the brick, in the end is to see the level of workers. If the level of muddy workers is good, and the tools for grinding tiles are better, you should not hesitate to choose a 45 degree angle. From the effect point of view, as long as the grinding is good, the practice of grinding the angle of 45 degrees is the most beautiful! If the level of the worker is really not good, then you still choose to use the corner strip, because the bad 45 degree angle is not as good as the angle of the corner.(christmas shower curtain


    4. It is also very important to pressurize the water pipe after draining the water pipe. When testing, everyone must be present, and the test time is at least 30 minutes, and the conditions are allowed, preferably one hour. 10 kg of pressure, and finally no test to pass.


    5, when the steel door must be considered the size of the steel door frame protruding from the wall, the installation staff, so that the final door frame and the wall of the tile is flat, so that it is both beautiful and good.

    What should I do if the shower curtain is moldy?

    Many households have smaller bathrooms. Dry and wet separation can only be separated by shower curtains. However, the shower curtains are easy to stain with stains for a long time. Plus the air is damp, it is easy to mold. So what about the shower curtain mold? Bath curtains in addition to mildew tips, I hope to help you!

    Alcohol spray

    Resist the alcohol with water, then spray the alcohol water on the mildew, the dirt, stay for ten minutes, then brush with the old toothbrush, then rinse with water. Alcohol not only removes mildew, but also disinfects and prevents bacteria from breeding.

    2.84 disinfectant water to water

    Dilute the 84 disinfectant water with water, soak the shower curtain in it, then gently wash the mildew with an old toothbrush, and then wash it. If there are more molds, it is best to wash it for a while.

    3. Salt water soak, fine salt scrub

    Salt is available in every household. It is also convenient to use. Soak the shower curtain in salt water for half an hour, then scrub with fine salt particles. It is more difficult to clean and can be washed with old toothbrush and salt. Play a bactericidal effect.

    4. White vinegar or soda powder cleaning

    Generally, the shower curtains are all made of plastic. The dirt on the top is relatively clear. Use white vinegar to water, soak the shower curtain for half an hour, then wash it with laundry detergent. White vinegar, like alcohol, can also be sterilized. Some people think that the smell of vinegar is too heavy. You can also soak the water with soda powder, then soak the shower curtain, and then wash it with laundry detergent.

    Suggestion: Do not wait until the mildew is enough to start cleaning. After the rain, open the shower curtain, volatilize the moisture, do not nest together, usually take shower curtain, wash with white vinegar or salt with water. If you are in trouble, you can throw it into the washing machine and drop a few drops of white vinegar, but it is best to put it together with the unused towel to prevent the shower curtain from being deformed and washed away.

    Is the bathroom dry and wet separated, with glass or shower curtain?

    In order to keep the bathroom simple and dry, more and more families use the wet and dry separation bathroom design. The separation method of the design of the bathroom dry and wet separation can be generally divided into glass or shower curtain. In the previous article "dry and wet separation, the bathroom is designed like this, beautiful and practical! "We have also seen pictures related to wet and dry separation, and everyone may feel good." So dry or wet separation glass or shower curtain is good? Let's analyze and compare!

    "1, why do dry and wet separation"
    In the previous article, "The bathroom does not do wet and dry separation, after reading it!" "There has been analysis, if the bathroom area allows, it is necessary to do dry and wet separation.

    "2, save money"
    The shower curtains can be fixed in dozens of cheaper parts, and the economy is convenient; the dry and wet separation materials of the glass + the artificial ones must be thousands.Cheap Shower Curtain.

    "3, separation effect"

    With the dry and wet separation made by the shower curtain, the water will flow along the shower curtain to the dry area. This dry and wet separation effect is incomparable with the glass.

    "4, beautiful"
    Dry and wet separation of glass separation is generally more elegant.

    "5, small area"

    Although the glass separation has a good aesthetic effect, for a small-sized bathroom, the shower curtain is more suitable. When it is used, it is pulled up, and when it is not used, it is not necessary to worry about the small area of ​​the bathroom.

    "6, security"
    I have heard a lot of incidents in the glass of the shower room. If the quality of the glass is not good, the safety of the glass door is poor when the bathroom is hot. It is recommended to apply the explosion-proof membrane to the glass.

    "7, health"
    The shower curtain will breed bacteria and wash troubles; the glass can be wiped with a cloth.

    "8, convenient and practical"
    The use of glass is more convenient (push and pull), and the glass has better thermal insulation performance; the shower curtain sometimes does not flow smoothly, and the heat preservation effect is not as good as the glass partition.

    "Users spit"

    The separation of the glass is too expensive.

    Every time the shower curtain is showered, the dry area slips out a lot of water. .

    With the shower curtain, you can make a small squat on the ground to avoid water flowing to the dry area.

    Still spending some money to make a shower room. Peace of mind.

    How do you ask for a Roman curtain?

    First, the curtain hanging method. It is mainly decorated with pendant lace, and the design of the curtain is changed. The fan shape, W shape, three-sided folding fan shape, round shape, etc., different curtains and pleat design bring different visual effects, mainly suitable for gorgeous and delicate. Home style.(cheap shower curtains)
    Second, the straight hanging method. With simple and generous design, it has become the most common hanging method in the home, such as perforation, collar, tether, sling, etc., which embodies a relaxed and free living atmosphere.
    Third, the pleated hanging method. Usually, it is divided into single layer and double layer. The single-layer pleated curtains create a sense of squatting, while the double-layer pleated curtains can effectively reduce the loss of heating and air-conditioning. This hanging method can bring home the elegant The feeling of the atmosphere.(Snowman shower curtains)
    Fourth, the Roman curtain hanging method. It can choose to put down or pull up according to the change of seasons, which is naturally folded in half, which seems to have a three-dimensional feeling, sling type, four-segment shirring type, bottom with crystal type and other different forms, showing vivid and vivid effects.(Holiday Shower Curtain)
    Five, decorative curtain curtain hanging method. It is relatively economical and practical. On the one hand, no pulley is needed, and the curtain rod can be directly inserted into the top box and hung on the wall; on the other hand, it is suitable for small windows, and can be used in a half-cut type to make the window have an increased visual effect. The pleats, hand pleats, pleats, slings, etc., in the delicate design, reflect the sweet little woman's home feeling, let pure and soft into the bedroom.

    2020.4.25 Today's epidemic briefing, pray for a better day

    New York, April 25 - according to the latest statistics released by Johns Hopkins University on the 25th, there are more than 200000 new crown deaths in the world.


    As of 14:00 on the 25th of the US Eastern time (2:00 on the 26th of Beijing time), the number of new crown deaths in the world has risen to 200698, with 2865938 confirmed cases.


    The data show that the United States is the country with the most serious epidemic, with 924576 confirmed cases and 52782 deaths. There were 26384 deaths in Italy, 22902 in Spain, and more than 20000 in France and the UK.


    In today's epidemic situation, if we continue to run in our cheap air max 97 and play basketball in our nike lebron 17 basketball shoes, maybe we will receive a very serious risk of infection. For the sake of your health and your family's health, please try to stay away from the place where there are many people.


    Maybe it's hard, but when it's over, we'll be able to continue to run in our cheap air max shoes 97 and play basketball in our nike lebron 17 basketball shoes, and the good days will continue to be with us.


    Nike's greatest air max design: air max 90


    Air max 90, in fact, was originally known as air max III, or just "air max". When the AM90 was founded, the work of legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield was to complete a arduous task, that is, to improve its iconic design in 1987 (now called air max 1) and air max light in 1989. These two iconic silhouettes seem to have largely conveyed the design language of the cheap air max 90 when they first appeared in 1990. You can see the elements of light and the filled nylon tongue in a variable width forefoot eyelet, microfiber and mesh upper. Ultimately, the cheap air max 90 can be seen as a functional and aesthetic improvement on many of its predecessors.


    Although trying to keep the cheap air max 90 as it was in its early days, a series of fluorescent pen colors have been introduced in the past decade, which also laid the foundation for neon and fluorescent colors of later flagship runners. Compared with other air max models, the panel of the cheap air max 90 provides more choices for unique colors and materials. If it is well matched, it will create a perfect balance of color matching and classic moments.


    Air max Bacon

    In the early 2000s, this period was considered by many to be the last golden age of sneakers. The cheap air max 90 once resolved a controversial claim that, in addition to the original "infrared", it reappeared in a series of new colors (designers call it "HyVent orange" or "Radiant Red"). Shoe fans were relieved after hearing the news.


    Although "infrared" has a relatively small amount of goods each time, fortunately, Nike often makes replenishment and reissue in 2002 (although it is "MX orange"), but in 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2013 and the latest 2015. Later, there were some interesting materials and hybrid conversions. Although the official hasn't officially announced that the 30th anniversary edition of "infrared" will return in 2020, according to the previous law, there is a great possibility of replenishment.


    The cheap nike air max 90 is still an important comfort shoe in Nike shoes. In order to celebrate the 30th birthday, there will be many "hard goods", which proves the eternal and lasting design of the cheap air max 90. By 2020, if you don't have a pair of cheap air max 90, that's really not right.

  • Lebron17: the best cushioning for the inside players

    The annual LeBron series is getting an update again. The exaggerated design and Nike's most dominant technology configuration make up the new flagship signature boots.

    But this time, Nike did not publicize James' new shoes as loudly as before, but just released the shoes through a few advertising videos. Before the official release, James himself had stepped on the new shoes in advance in training. After the release of the release date, many offline stores in China also directly color black and purple Nike lebron 17 sneaked onto the shelves a week in advance, so we are worried about whether this generation of nike lebron 17 is a sincere product, and whether the actual effect can meet our expectations for its flagship positioning.


    This time, we got this pair of black and purple color nike lebron 17. At the first sight of unpacking the case, the brand-new and upgraded knitposite woven upper came into view. According to the official introduction, this brand-new upper configuration adopts special processing technology and integrates the posite type upper materials to create a stronger coverage effect than the previous generation of battleknit, and can bring double locking feeling. The black, purple, gold and white upper of this pair of nike lebron 17 interweaves the dragon scale pattern. The combination of technology and design highlights the sense of hierarchy, but the final effect is still different.

    When it comes to the midsole, nike lebron 17 still uses Nike's most "conscience" cushioning, two 15 mm thick zoom air units on the inside and outside of the forefoot, and a large exposed purple Max in the heel The air unit has achieved a very considerable cushioning performance configuration on the book, but in the actual effect, it is difficult not to let people doubt whether its too thick air unit can really help the players.

    In summary, this pair of nike lebron The 17th generation boots are a pair of cushioning shoes that can be used in actual combat, but it's not easy to control them easily, especially for the small guards who like disguise and are light in weight. This pair of shoes is not suitable for such playing methods and body shape. In the actual wearing process, you may encounter the starting delay, the difficulty in changing the center of gravity, and the risk of rollover, etc The problem is worthy of careful consideration. For the big frontline players who are heavier and prefer to go straight, this pair of shoes may be a good choice, which can provide excellent cushioning, but also need to worry about the risk of foot sprain caused by the high center of gravity air cushion. You can make a rational choice according to your playing method.

    Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes---Nike kyrie 6

    The reason why the Nike Kyrie shoes (Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes)series has long dominated the top three of the actual shoes is not only because of Kyrie's reputation and the beauty of the shoes, but also because of the actual performance of the Nike Kyrie 6. Now that there are more and more real shoes, looking back at the whole Kyrie shoes series, Nike Kyrie 6 has also improved its configuration.



    The foam material in the heel of Nike Kyrie 6 (Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes) can cooperate with zoomturbo to create an excellent fit. At the same time, the height of the last from the ground is reduced by 5mm, reducing the center of gravity of the shoe, meeting Kyrie's extreme needs for starting, and providing a more agile response performance.



    The Nike Kyrie 6 (Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes) has a split design upper, and a large part of the actual shoes launched this year are slowly changing to split design with multiple materials. The Nike Kyrie 6 still uses the middle and high top shoes favored by the actual combat party. The upper is made of soft and breathable calf leather in the heel part and engineering mesh upper in the toe part. Meanwhile, the flytrap wrapping system of Nike Kyrie 5 is canceled, and Kyrie 2 (Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes) generation magic band is used to separate the upper. All at once, the shoes are worth a lot.



    However, more turning up of the outsole and hard TPU on the inside of the toe provide more comprehensive protection for Kyrie Irving and more practical parties when they carry out some "extreme operations". In addition, TPU is padded on the heel, which provides a certain amount of power and support for the Achilles tendon.



    The lines on the Nike Kyrie 6 (Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes) sole are no longer separate Fatima's eyes, but become more concentrated, which can improve the grip of the shoe in real life. And the tread of the sole is very deep, but the wearability is still divided into the inner court shoes.



    In conclusion, the Nike Kyrie shoes,The Cheap Nike Basketball Shoes collection has always been the first choice for guard shoes.

    Three things about lebron james shoes 17

    In June, LeBron James came to Nike's global headquarters in beverton, Oregon, where he saw his latest signature basketball shoe, lebron james shoes 17, for the first time. From the fragmentary information on the social network, we can see that James's firm determination to pursue speed and support is hidden behind the upgrade.

    Here are three key points you need to know:


    1. the largest Max Air unit in the history of LEBRON series

    Lebron james shoes 17 has the support of max air and zoom air dual cushioning technology, which provides enough rebound and feedback for James at the important moment of attack and defense at both ends of the court. The combination of Zoom Air Technology and max air technology provides ultra-high cushioning. The zoom air unit in the forefoot allows James to get accurate and effective cushioning support in high-speed motion.


    2. New knitposite upper Technology

    Based on the bartleknit 2.0 adopted by the lebron james shoes 16 upper, the new lebron james shoes 17 combines the lightweight flyknit weave structure with the hot-melt weave to present different shapes and colors on the upper. This upper offers durability, support and stretch resistance.


    3. Represent James's personal details on the tongue

    Lebron james shoes 16 has a relief of a lion on the heel and a silhouette of James dunking on the sole. Lebron james shoes 17 moves these details onto the tongue and adds new elements of words and symbols such as "I'm king", "LJ", "23".

    Tired from running, you can drink the holy water of Jesus to recover your energy instantly

    Cheap Nike air max 97 bullet series revised version of holy water of Jesus walking on the water of Matthew is the theme of the whole pair of shoes. The main tone of the whole pair of shoes is pure white, with a faint light blue color in the white. The metal Jesus Cross is hung on the laces of the right foot, and the bright spot of "mt.1425" printed on the toe is air max In the air cushion, real water is injected into it, and the water from the Jordan River represents holy water

    As one of Nike's most representative shoes, cheap nike air max 97, born in 1997, pioneered the full-length and high-capacity nike air. With its innovative full-length visible max air and cutting-edge design, it has become one of the most popular classic pieces in the air max family since its inception.


    This pair of visible full-length air cushioned running shoes, inspired by Shinkansen high-speed train in Japan, perfectly combines the smooth lines with the shoe body, and the unique reflective design explains the ultimate fashion pursuit of that era.


    This pair of cheap nike air max 97 Jesus holy water colors, the iconic streamline shoe body is presented in white, with the same color tongue and outsole, making the shoe look very fresh, highlighting the retro simple temperament, while the out of the street matching is also handy.


    What are the characteristics of air max97?


    The air max 97 is the first Nike running shoe with a full-length air unit. Although the air max95 & 96 launched before it has a breakthrough, it is a front and back split shape air unit after all, so when the 97 came out, it was visually full of technology. Vaguely remember the first time I saw it on the counter shelf when I was curious - full-length air cushion! Will it play q? Would it be comfortable? Would it be like stepping on a cloud?


    The answer, of course, is No.


    The sole of the cheap air max 97 is much harder than the air max 95, or even harder than the cheap air max 90. If only from the comfort point of view, 97's ranking in the whole air max series is very low.


    However, there are some interesting points in the cheap air max 97, such as the design inspiration of Shinkansen train in Japan, and the four 3M reflectors around the shoe are also very handsome. It's quite the coquettish feeling of the technology shoes in the 1990s, but in fact, it's far away. At least two years ago, such a style was quite unpopular. I still vaguely remember that two years ago, a girl said that the air max 97 I was wearing was not ugly but ugly, but she sent a wechat to ask if I could buy it for her.


    My first year 97 was in black, gray, fluorescent and green color. It has also been engraved recently. I think Japan's atmos has broken its code. In the first year of that year, I finally cut it with a kitchen knife. When I was a teenager, I wanted to see what was inside the air cushion. I was really disappointed when I cut it. Later, I bought 97og silver bullet at 30% discount in the factory store in about 13 years. Now the color is almost 2000 yuan smaller than the gold code. As an old shoe fan, I can't really understand it.


    In addition, 97 actually influenced the design of many later air max series, such as air max98 and air max Deluxe in 1999. The midsole and outsole were completely copied 97, almost unchanged. 00-02 vaguely remembers that the air max series is mainly trying to change its shape, especially that in 2002, several cylindrical air cushions in the midsole were impressive. But I didn't buy a pair of air max after 1997 because I thought they might be as hard as 97. Until the air max 03 was launched, at first I saw a large air cushion in the shape of almost 97 in the midsole, which I really refused at first. But the pearlescent upper that can't stand its coquettish air is too attractive. I found that 03 is much more comfortable than 97 when I tried it on. It's almost from 03 that the comfort of air max series meets my requirements as a sneaker head. 04 basically continued the setting of 03, and the sole didn't change the upper. But in fact, 05 is also an accident. It's neither good-looking nor comfortable to use the retro style, which brings the air max series back to the level in the early 1990s.. Since the beginning of 2006, it has been a qualitative leap, so we will not talk about it.


    In a word, back to the core of the question, what are the characteristics of the cheap air max 97 In fact, I can't say what it has. Was the appearance very attractive at that time? No, in 1997, there were too many shoes that looked better than it designed. Is it a connecting link? In fact, I don't think it's the air max95. Think about it, 97 should be characterized by hard bar, is the kind of wear how long will not become soft hard. If comfort is required, 97 is never recommended. If it's just to follow the trend, buy it. Anyway, I can't buy the 30% off cheapair max 97 og silver bullet now.

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